We use technology to assist in the search for scholarships, raise money for school,
sports science and research and financial / technology / digital marketing education.

About Us

About Us

We are making machine learning and artificial neural networks really fun,
and you can be a part of that!


We know that baseball game stays the same and it is the player that changes in a positive way when they get more experience and in a negative way when they get older. Therefore, this study will be interested in using the neural network and machine learning to train artificial neural networks to predict when this will happen and determine if something can be done to improve and prolong by analyzing the patterns in the player's data. The researcher will involve artificial neural networks that can evaluate multiple inputs like reaction time, speed, focus target and competition which is lacking in today’s literature, hence becoming a research gap that this study intends to fill.

In what ways can machine learning and neural network be used to train artificial artificial neural networks in baseball to improve and prolong a players’ experience by analyzing the patterns in the player’s data?

To find out we are running a Digital World Series Championship for data analysis using our unique app. The research hypothesis for this study will assume that artificial neural network model used in conjunction with our simulator, will be able to make a determination or prediction of the brain's connectivity and nervous system degeneration or improvements since the inputs coming in from a user are in form of a simple reaction time test with competition stimulus, randomizes speed changes and counts when the focus target is achieved.

Target population

The target population the research will carry out the study will include athletes, baseball fans and healthy individuals. The study sample will be on 10,000 individuals that will receive a private invitation to download the app. A minimum of 50 games will be required to entered the leaderboard.

Data Collection Technique

Our simulator is based on a baseball game concept where the main screen features a counter that starts at 0 and rapidly goes all the way to 100s. The counter stops when the phone screen is tapped or the web application is clicked. The user’s goal is to stop the counter between 97 and 100 to score. 97= single, 98= double, 99= triple, 100= home run and everything else is an out. The researcher will use a real-time app to conduct a simple real-time test. This app started as a sports fantasy app and changes have been made on its speed to simulate fastball, curveball, etc.

Let's make better players, whitout steroids or enhanced substance!
Just technology and sports science.
New Baseball Era!
The Team

The Team

Who are the people behind the research
and champioship tournament idea?

Ramon Geronimo

Software Engineer

Jessie Pichardo

Doctor in Medicine

Hermes Cabreras

Industrial Design

Aakash (Kash) Sudhakar

Data Science

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Raised: $0
Goal: $200,000
The Mission

The Mission

Not just about the DATA but also helping raise money for scholarships
and better athletes lives through sports, education and technology.

1. College coaches tour in the Dominican Republic

  • During their recruiment process we take coaches on the search of the most talented players around the Dominican Republic.
  • More than talent, coaches get to see player's drive and their hunger to succed to be able to one day help their families.

2. Financial Education Program

  • According to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article, 78% of National Football League (NFL) players are either bankrupt or are under financial stress within two years of retirement and an estimated 60%.
  • It has been often suggested that baseball players study finance in college so that they can understand basic finances and contracts.

3. Technology Summer Academy Program

  • Our main objective is giving players the necessary technical skill if sports doesn't workout.

4. More Money for Scholarships

  • Full ride nowdays is a myth and we make our efforts to help raising the extra with coorporations and sponsors.

5. Sports Sciences and Research

  • We want to support athletes in their efforts to perform better and our studies search for inclusion of emerging technologies and applications.
  • Our focus are the common factors in every sports and yet ussually not tested on tryouts with athletes or trained daily: Reaction Time, Focus Target and Decision Making.
  • The use of machice learning and artificial neural network help us to acquire insight that is not easily apparent from the human analysis.

6. World Champioship Tournament

  • Don't just donate, play and compete.
  • Our simulator is a skill base program and it is not consider to be sports gambling in anyways.
  • Championship is our answer to raise more money for scholarships and continue support athletes.
  • It's all about the competition. Studying athletes under presure and tournament bring to life the excitment.

Big Thank You

Supporting Organizations

Special thanks to all the coaches, volunteers, organizations and sponsors that support our mission. Also athletes and their families who believe in our program and give us the opportunity to serve them.


Together We Can

Together We Can

Raised more money for scholarships and do research on the data collected during the championship in a unique and entertaining way.

Players Story

Shortstop from Palmar Arriba, Santiago, Dominican Republic. One of the finalist in our Docu-Reality Show "Quiero Ser Pelotero". The Major League player Jose Reyes is from the same place as Rojas, serving as a roll model and inspiration for him.

Jose Rojas

Miami Dade

Outfielder from Santiago, Santiago, Dominican Republic. Also a participant of Quiero Ser Pelotero. He story is one of many talented players that didn't get to play professional in the Dominican Republic for agents wanting more money and rejecting contracts.

Raymond Guerrero

Florida Memorial

Infielder from Moca, Santiago, Dominican Republic. Yunior participated in the Docu-Reality show but his scholarships came in with a our first edition of the coaches tour in 2016. Yunior played one year professional with the Cardinals in the Dominican Summer League.

Yunior Sanchez

Florida Memorial

Catcher from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. "Quiero Ser Pelotero" finalist and got his scholarship promise with Florida Memorial in tour with the coaches. Baldemora is waiting for the next school year for his I-20 to start the migration process for the student visa.

Moises Baldemora

Florida Memorial – Pending

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

There are many ways to help out
these are just a few.


Make Donation

Everything count. We are a small organization with big dreams to help out as many young athlete as we can and we need your help for that.


Become a Volunteer

Help us organizing events, be part of one of the coaches tour, signup for the Championship, support our Kickstarter Campaign or help us connect with coaches in your local area.


Tell Your Friends About Us

Word of mouth is one of the most effective way to communicate our mission and events. Invite everyone in your circle to signup for the Championship and make it more fun.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We want to hear about you
and alway looking for new ideas.




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